Commercial Ventilation

Fresh Air Systems, Extract Systems and IQP Certification

Fresh Air and Extract Systems

The New Zealand Building Code requires specific ventilation requirements dependent on the the type and use of the commercial building. The supply of fresh air to spaces allows for acceptable indoor air quality and the extraction of foul air to prevent contamination through the indoor spaces. Some examples of commercial situations that require extra ventilation at a specified ventilation rate as per the NZ Building Code design requirements are: internal office spaces, restaurants with cooking hood extracts, laboratories with fume hoods, and commercial properties with internal toilet facilities.
We are able to assist with the design or recommend the appropriate consultants for the development of a compliant fresh air design plan. We have years of experience working with consultants and design teams, and have a team of highly skilled engineers for installing, commissioning, testing and verifying fresh air ventilation systems.
Our expert team also provides ongoing maintenance and checks, and the provision of 12a certification which states the systems are in good working condition and meet original design conditions.

IQP Certification

We are an approved Independent Qualified Person (IQP) for the Tararua, Rangitikei, Manawatu and Palmerston North District Councils in our region. This accreditation enables us to undertake IQP services including the inspection, maintenance and reporting of Mechanical Ventilation or Air Conditioning Systems (SS9) and Laboratory Fume Cupboards (SS11) specified systems.
Commercial building owners who have specified systems in their buildings are required to have the systems maintained and tested as per the stipulated frequencies, in order to obtain a 12a certificate required for an annual building warrant of fitness.
Our qualified and skilled team provide not only the the planned preventative maintenance and repairs for your specified systems but also the inspections and certificates as required.
So give the team at Judd Refrigeration a call and our expert service team can take care of your service, IQP and compliance requirements.