Cool Rooms & Water Chillers

Commercial Coolroom

Whether you are a small bakery, fast food outlet, convenience store, or a larger scale restaurant, bar or commercial kitchen, we design and build commercial cool rooms and freezer rooms to meet your specifications. No one application is the same, so our knowledgeable design team will work with you to assess your needs, calculate the size and capacity you require and custom design the perfect energy efficient solution for your business.
Our team of expert technicians are only a phone call away for speedy repairs, maintenance and servicing. If you find that your existing freezer of cool room system is not maintaining temperature or being unreliable, a cost effective solution may be to refurbish your existing refrigeration system to bring it back to top working order while maintaining the budget. Whichever option you choose, you can trust that Judd Refrigeration will provide you with honest advice on your options, and will provide you with a high quality, reliable cooling solution for your business.

Water & Fluid Chillers

Water or Glycol Chiller Systems cool and protect valuable process equipment such as food processing plant and other machinery in specialized industrial, medical and manufacturing applications. Judd Refrigeration has a team of technicians with specialized expertise in servicing and maintaining chiller systems for a number of commercial and industrial sites. We are the preferred contractor for Massey University's process cooling and air conditioning systems. The servicing and maintenance of Palmerston North District Health Boards MRI machines and scanners, pre-cooler systems for dairy farms and the process cooling systems for Proliant with their manufacturing of plasma products.