Commercial Air Conditioning

Judd Refrigeration are specialists in air conditioning systems for demanding environments and in a range of applications. Whether we have a server room where equipment generates a large volume of heats, are in the food processing or pharmaceutical industry with manufacturing plant requiring temperature controlled environments, have large scale warehousing or retail outlets requiring ventilation, or simply apartment or office blocks requiring air conditioning solutions, we can design and build the perfect commercial solution to meet your specifications and needs.

No one application is the same, so our knowledgeable design team will work with you to assess your needs, calculate the size and capacity required, and custom design the perfect energy efficient solution for your business.

Design Builds

Our skilled and experienced team design and build commercial heating, cooling and ventilation systems. We work with the client to tailor make a solution that best fits their budget and needs, is compliant with the New Zealand Building Code standards and meets local council design requirements.
Our highly trained, diverse team of engineers and installers have specialized knowledge, skills and expertise, delivering high end finishes and premium products to our clients, providing a turn key solution. You can trust that our qualified engineers will accurately calculate and design the heating, cooling and ventilation requirements, use quality, reliable materials and product for a high end installation, and utilize specialist commissioning tools and software to deliver a heating or cooling system that meets our clients expectations.


Variable Refrigerant Volume (VRV) systems are a premium product that is ideal for double story homes on smaller blocks, large residential properties or apartment complexes with limited space. VRV systems have multiple indoor units connected to a single outdoor modular system. Each indoor unit can be individually controlled, scheduled and set to the desired room temperature creating optimal comfort for the different occupants occupying the varying spaces within the building. VRV solutions provide flexibility with design, installation and energy efficient with hi co-efficiencies of performance especially when the heat recovery system has been implemented and multiple heating and cooling operations are simultaneously running, as expected in a large multiple occupied building situation. VRV solutions are easier to have overall control and interface with high level or BMS interfaces to allow for specific control functionality.

Process Coolers

Process cooling, also known as a chiller, uses mechanical refrigeration to remove heat from a process. Process chillers are made to operate at different temperatures with different fluids and different fluid rates, and have the ability to work with multiple pumps and cooling circuits. An advantage of process cooling is that it can maintain a constant fluid temperature and flow, regardless of the load. Process cooling technology increases the efficiency of production processes and operations of equipment ranging from food processing, packaging, plastic injection molding to medial imaging equipment and data centre server rooms.

Our skilled team have a number of years experience in the design engineering, supply, installation, servicing and repair of a large range of process cooling systems. Some of our prominent sites being Massey University's Information Technology Services, the Palmerston North Hospital Data Centre, InspireNet Data Centres, and Proliant's process cooling system for the manufacturing of plasma.

Roof Top Packaged Air Conditioning

In large scale commercial premises such as warehousing, supermarkets or retail outlets, roof top packaged air conditioning units are the favored choice as they are often an effective and economical solution. Roof Top packaged units have been specifically designed for commercial applications enabling flexibility and ease of installation. They are compact in design, with a stylish flat top and obstructive colouring, delivering a neat and aesthetic solution.

We are proud supplies of Daikin and Temperzone Packaged Air Conditioning Units, which have proven to deliver quality, reliability, and cost efficiency. There is a large range of "off the shelf solutions" starting from 15kw through 100kw models for your commercial application. If your require a solution with specific design features or capacity, our expert engineering team can custom design and build a specialized solution for your application.

Water Chillers

Water or Glycol Chiller Systems cool and protect valuable process equipment such as food processing plant and other machinery in specialized industrial, medical and manufacturing applications. Judd Refrigeration has a team of technicians with specialized expertise in servicing and maintaining chiller systems for a number of commercial and industrial sites. We are the preferred contractor for Massey University's process cooling and air conditioning systems. The servicing and maintenance of Palmerston North District Health Boards MRI machines and scanners, pre-cooler systems for dairy farms and the process cooling systems for Proliant with their manufacturing of plasma products.